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Proceedings of the 1997 HST calibration Workshop

HST observations of the gravitational lens systems HE 1104-1805 and J03.13

M. Remy1, J.-F. Claeskens1,* and J. Surdej1,**

1 Institut d'Astrophysique et de Géophysique - Université de Liège, Avenue de Cointe 5, 4000 Liège, Belgium

* Aspirant FNRS, Belgium
** Directeur de Recherches FNRS, Belgium


     High angular resolution PC1 images of the gravitational lens systems HE 1104-1805 and J03.13 are presented. Using a method described in Remy et al. (1997a), optimal TinyTim PSFs are constructed to fit at best the lensed point-like components. The derived photometry of the GL components and the detection of the lens galaxy for HE 1104-1805 are discussed. Textbook case FOS spectra of J03.13 A and B clearly show that this double QSO is a cosmic mirage.

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